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Arab man files for divorce after wife has 9 children from extra-marital affair

A Moroccan man had a 'nervous breakdown' after discovering that another man had fathered all of his nine children with his wife of 35 years. 

According to local media reports, the man - an educator - discovered the reality behind the children's births after a series of medical tests, which proved that he had been sterile all his life and hence could not have fathered their children. 


His wife had carried on an extramarital affair through which she had the children, Al Massa reported. 
The husband filed a lawsuit against his wife at Sidi Suleiman Primary Court. 

He filed a legal petition to have a court appointed urological and gynaecological diseases practitioner examine his case to establish paternity.   

He then demanded his paternity be removed from their nine children and filed for divorce on charges of adultery.

Tests revealed that for 50 years, he had a growth in his right testes which prevented him from producing sperm.  

The children - carrying his name - are still awaiting the court order to strip them of their legal paternal rights. 

Source: khaleejtimes

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