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Arab woman 'fined $1650 for attempting to seduce man to commit obscene sexual acts' through social media

A Kuwaiti criminal court has fined a local woman 500 Dinars or $1650 and confiscated her phone after convicting her of "harassing a man and encouraging him to commit obscene sexual acts", a local newspaper has said.

The court took action after the male victim's lawyer filed a complained accusing the defendant of "compromising the decency" of her client and "inciting him to obscenity and immorality" through social media, the local 25 February news website reported.

The man immediately filed a complaint against her, fearing she would accuse him of harassment if he turned her down, according to the website.


The content of their communication was not made immediately available.

Kuwait is a deeply conservative society where interaction between the sexes outside of marriage remains frowned upon.

While harassment against women by men is common, the opposite is relatively unheard of.

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