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Brutal Killing of Yemeni Civilians Shows Saudi Failure

Iran on Monday strongly condemned Saudi bombings of residential areas that killed 40 people attending a wedding in a village in northwestern Yemen late on Sunday, saying the attack points to “Saudi desperation and failure” in its three-year brutal war on the impoverished Arab nation.

“The escalation in bombing residential areas that kill innocent citizens, including women and children, is a brutal and inhumane act that is strongly condemned,” ISNA quoted Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi as saying.


Airstrikes by the US-backed Saudi-led military coalition killed at least 40 people in Yemen’s Hajjah Provence at the weekend. The head of Al Jumhouri hospital in Hajjah told Reuters by telephone that the hospital had received 40 bodies, most of them torn to pieces, and that 46 people had been injured, including 30 children, in airstrikes that hit a wedding gathering. Qassemi called on the United Nations to double its efforts to stop the Saudi aggression against defenseless Yemenis and take measures to stop the murder of innocent civilians.

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