Cleaner kisses, gropes 6-year-old in Dubai apartment

The man confessed he sexually assaulted the girl.

A cleaner went on trial on Sunday at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he sexually abused a six-year-old girl at a hotel apartment while her parents were away.

According to public prosecution records, the 21-year-old Pakistani man took advantage that no one was around at the apartment to kiss and grope the Nigerian girl.

The man confessed he sexually assaulted the girl, claiming the devil lured him.
Prosecutors are seeking the most severe legal penalty to be inflicted on him.

A complaint was filed at Al Muraqqabat police station.

The girl's father, a 34-year-old visit visa holder, said he went with his wife to Ajman to look for a flat to rent on November 30, last year. "It was around 5pm that we left and came back at 11:30pm. My mother-in-law then told me that my daughter had a problem."

The cleaner was allowed inside the place after 6pm. "The girl's grandmother entered a room with my newborn boy, leaving the girl with the defendant for about 20 minutes. When the grandmother came back to the main room, she spotted the cleaner rushing to leave. She saw my daughter, who looked shocked and terrified, entering the bathroom and washing her mouth," the father recounted.


The girl then told her grandmother what the accused did to her. However, the latter denied the girl's story when confronted by the 54-year-old woman. "The accused was then done with his work for the day. We reported him to the police when he showed up to work the next day," the father told the prosecutor.

The family checked the surveillance cameras installed in the hallway. The cleaner was seen leaving the apartment with untidy shirt.

A report from the general directorate of criminal evidence and criminology showed that the defendant's DNA traces were found on the girl's body.

During interrogation, the defendant recounted that the next day when he was cleaning the same apartment he saw the grandmother crying while telling some people about the incident.

He will be sentenced on March 24.

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