Dubai club dancer blackmails man to pay her Dh140,000

The woman threatened the man in voice notes she sent on WhatsApp.

A woman has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after she allegedly threatened an Emirati man and blackmailed him for breaking up with her. She is also charged with blasphemy.

The court heard how the 35-year-old Moroccan woman - a night club dancer - blackmailed to defame the 35-year-old complainant with intimate photos and videos of them together on vacation in Spain.

She wanted him to get back to her or pay her Dh140,000 and a monthly amount of Dh4,500.

The woman threatened the man in voice notes she sent on WhatsApp, in which she also used abusive language and other bad words in terms of religion.

The accused almost managed to make the victim yield to her demands after she threatened to disgrace him in front of his family members by exposing their relation between July and August last year. But he eventually filed a complaint against her at the Dubai Police cybercrime department.

Prosecutors referred her to trial and requested she received a very strict legal penalty. 

The complainant said he had met the defendant about two years before the complaint. "We got close and I would usually help her financially as she had two children from an ex-husband. I told her about my wife and my family members' names. I proposed to her and she accepted but I told her she had to quit her job as a dancer at a night club and stop drinking alcohol. However, after she failed to do so, I broke up with her in May last year and got a new mobile number."


He learned from his colleagues that she was asking about him. "I wired Dh5,500 to her and then switched off my old number. However, she managed later to get my new number. She wanted me to get back to her or pay her Dh140,000 and a monthly amount of Dh4,500," he recalled.

She threatened to expose him in front of his mother, wife, siblings and friends with intimate photos and videos taken on several occasions. "I knew how serious she was when she sent me two video clips she had taken as we kissed each other in Spain. She also secretly copied all my contact numbers from my phone and later contacted my wife," he told the prosecutor.

The complainant turned to Dubai Police to help him as he became worried about his ill mother's health if she learned about the incident.

He lodged a complaint at Al Qusais police station.

The defendant's mobile phones were seized and conversations found between her and the victim. Voice notes sent by her on WhatsApp, containing the abusive language and threats, aforementioned, in addition to two inappropriate video clips, were used as criminal evidence.

During interrogation, she claimed she was drunk when she sent those messages.

A ruling will be pronounced on March 24.

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