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Dubai expat donates part of $1m raffle win to sister's cancer treatment, research

American expat wins first Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire raffle.

Dubai Duty Free led its first Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draws of the year on Tuesday with Casey Bly, a 41-year-old Dubai-based American national, winning $1 million in Series 290 with ticket number 1435. 

Bly, who is charmed to be the initial million-dollar victor in 2019, purchased his fortunate ticket at Dubai Duty Free on his approach to Cape Town for an excursion for work. An inhabitant of Dubai for a long time, Bly works for FEDCO. 

Remarking on his ongoing success, Bly stated: "As a continuous explorer, purchasing tickets to Dubai Duty Free advancements has been an ordinary propensity for me and I never lose trust that one day I will win. Lastly it happened - what incredible news for the start of the year! Much obliged to you so much Dubai Duty Free!" 

Straightforwardly after the Millennium Millionaire draw, an introduction to a past victor, Kasim Talib, likewise occurred. 

Talib, holder of winning ticket number 1347 in Series 289, which was drawn amid DDF's 35th Anniversary (twentieth December 2018), is the simple first Iraqi national to win $1 million since the commencement of the advancement in 1999. Talib is a representative of Dubai-based Eros Group and, his opportune success has helped him to pay for his sister's malignancy treatment. 

Having a past filled with malignancy in the family, with his mom who is a bosom disease survivor, Talib exhorted that he has submitted a critical part of his rewards to Cancer Research. 

Eager to meet the group, he stated: "I am extremely glad to be here today to thank the Dubai Duty Free group for this superb blessing which will go towards my sister's treatment with half of it 

going to philanthropies and associations that are committed to the reasons for battling this ailment and the individuals who are adapting to or who have endure its belongings." 

He is additionally thankful to his Eros Group family for their help of him as the years progressed. 

The draw and the introduction were led by Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairmanand CEO of Dubai Duty Free, alongside Ramesh Cidambi, COO and Salah Tahlak, Executive Vice President - Corporate Services. 


Following the Millennium Millionaire draw, a motorbike champ was additionally declared. 

Mohammed Akmal, a 43 Indian national from Hyderabad won an Indian Darkhorse motorbike (Matt Black) in Series 355 with ticket number 0114. 

Akmal, who possesses a development business purchased his triumphant ticket on his way back to India after his excursion in Dubai a month ago. 

An ordinary member in the Dubai Duty Free advancements for a long time now, he was excited to hear the news and remarked, "It was an unforeseen call and I was truly shocked. Huge thank you Dubai Duty Free."

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