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Dubai expat's newborn named Narendra Modi, wants PM to bless his son

The Muslim parents have officially registered the child as Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Indian expat Mustaq Ahmed's biggest dream is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come and bless his newborn son. It is not wishful thinking knowing that the three-day old baby is Modi's namesake.

"I wish Modi will come down to our village in Uttar Pradesh to see my little Modi and bless him. It will be a great honour for my son and our family," Ahmed, who works as a maintenance staff in an interior decor company in Hatta, about 130 kilometres from Dubai city, told Khaleej Times.

Ahmed said he decided to name the baby after Modi because it was born on the same day the Prime Minister won the elections with a thumping majority for the second term.

"When my wife called me with the good news on May 23, I asked her whether Narendra Modi had won the elections. Then I told her "Desh mein Modi agaya. Hamaray ghar main bhi Modi agaya. (Modi has come in the country. And Modi has arrived in our home too.)

Ahmed's wife Menaj Begum said the child has already been officially registered as Narendra Damodardas Modi.

The little 'Modi' is Ahmed and Begum's third child . The Muslim couple hailing from Gonda in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, has two daughters - Mantaza,7 and Fathima, 3.


Ahmed,29, came to the UAE five years ago seeking better wages.

He said after two daughters, he was keen to have a son.

"I am so happy that he is a boy. We are impressed by what our Prime Minister has done for the country in the last five years. I wish my son will also do good work and earn a solid reputation like our Prime Minister."

When asked about Modi's right-wing and Hindutwa image, the man said he does not buy that argument. "If he were playing divisive, communal politics, how did he win with such huge margin. He is a good leader for both Muslims and Hindus and he takes care of all Indians."

The father said the little Modi is already winning hearts as people in the neighborhood are all coming to see him.  

"I am sure people will keep teasing by calling him 'Modi, Modi.' But when he grows up, no one will dare mess with him because he is Narendra Modi," Ahmed said with a laugh.

So, when is Ahmed going home to see Modi? "I will have to wait a little longer. I have to earn some more money before I can afford the air ticket and other expenses.

"But I know good days are ahead because the country has one Modi and I have two," said Ahmed. 

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