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Emirati woman saves 50-year-old man's life in UAE bank

The young woman showed presence of mind and taught an important lesson in first aid training.

A young Emirati woman is being hailed a hero on social media for saving a man's life in a bank.

The young Emirati woman, identified as Fatma Yousuf Al Ali, came to the aid of a 50-year-old man after he suffered an epileptic seizure in a bank in UAE.

According to Al Bayan, Fatma was in the bank to make a transaction, when suddenly she heard an old man screaming and collapsing on the floor of the bank. She added that he fainted, and started to show symptoms of an epileptic seizure.

Fatma sprung into action and asked the staff to bring her a pen, which she used to prevent the man from damaging his teeth or biting his own tongue. She urged the persons around to call for an ambulance.


When the man regained consciousness after a while, Fatma asked him if he was feeling okay, but he wasn't able to comprehend what was happening around him, the report added.

An ambulance shifted the man to a hospital for treatment.

Additionally, Fatma called on all companies and establishments to provide first aid training to their staff, so that they can deal with such emergencies.

The report did not mention the name of the bank or the emirate where the incident took place.

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