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Expat businessman in Dubai sexually assaults woman after luring her to dinner

"He only stopped when my sister called me."

A businessman was charged with sexual assault at a Dubai court on Sunday after he allegedly tried to force himself on a woman who used to work for him.

The Court of First Instance heard that on September 27 last year, the 29-year-old Afghan investor invited the British woman over to dinner at a restaurant in the Arabian Ranches. He allegedly lured her to go out with him on the pretext he would hand her over her Dh3,000 dues in cheque.

On the way back to his place, he allegedly kissed, hugged and groped her.
At his place, he did the same, while trying to remove her clothes by force.

The defendant, who has been detained, denied charges of sexual assault and assault on others' safety.

The complainant, 34, said she worked for the businessman for three weeks on a probation period. "He asked me to come to his place to pay me by cheque. He invited me later to dinner at a restaurant."


She recounted that they walked back to his place as his driver was not available then. "As we were walking, he suddenly pulled me to the side of the road and pinned me against a tree. It was dark. He forcibly kissed and hugged me."

He did it again at his place, groping her and trying to forcibly undress her, she claimed. "He only stopped when my sister called me. He gestured to me not to tell her about what was going on. His driver then took me home," she recalled.

The complainant's 37-year-old sister recounted that when she returned home after 9.40pm on the incident day, the victim had a cut on her upper lip. "I also noticed she could not walk properly. She was giving excuses that did not convince me. She stayed in her room. The next day, she complained of pain in her shoulder, back and head. She only told me three days later about the incident," the witness told the investigator.

The forensic report showed the complainant had minor bruises.

Footage captured by surveillance cameras was used as public prosecution evidence.

The trial will continue on May 28.

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