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Expat forges Dh2 parking ticket in UAE, gets jail term

He changed the date of an expired ticket.

A man received a suspended jail term of three months by a Dubai court on Thursday for tampering with a parking ticket and placing it on his car.

According to public prosecution records, the case dates back to March 5, when the 44-year-old Bangladeshi man changed the date on an expired ticket to avoid paying parking fees. 

The incident was reported to Naif police station.

An inspector of the paid parking zone said during the public prosecution investigation that he called the police when he saw the forged ticket placed on the defendant's car.


"The date looked tampered with. It was an expired Dh 2 ticket on which he changed the date."

The accused denied the charges of forging an official document in the court. The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered his deportation.

The accused has the right to appeal the ruling within 15 days from the issuance date.

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