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Indian embassy lists 'things to be noted before accepting employment in Qatar'

Indian Embassy in Qatar shared pointers on important things to be noted before accepting employment in companies in Qatar.

A note on the embassy Twitter handle said:

“What are the important things to be noted before accepting employment in Qatar”

1. Verification of the credentials of company on e-Migrate and also through a known contact in Qatar or the Indian Embassy, Doha.

2. Make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the Contract or Offer Letter, (please have it translated, if it is not in a language you understand) particularly the following aspects:

3. Date of commencement, time-period of the contract and designation of the employee

4. Accommodation and conveyance should be provided by the company, or allowances should be given for these purposes in addition to the basic pay.

5. Annual leave entitlements.

6. Air travel fare for joining duty in Qatar and return air-ticket after completion of contract - should be borne by the employer.

7. . Allowances, if any, should be separately indicated in the contract, in addition to the basic pay.


Visa status can be verified online at the website of the Qatari Ministry of Interior.

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