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Man arrested for insulting UAE culture in viral video

Dubai Police have reportedly arrested a man of Arab origin for allegedly publishing a video on social media insulting local traditions.

The man was seen posing as a GCC citizen, wearing dishdasha and keffiyeh, a traditional clothing worn by men in the region, as he stereotyped Emiratis.

The man appears in a lofty car followed by women and throwing money to the ground, which is picked up by them in a humiliating manner. The act was seen by locals as provocative and an insult to Gulf traditional dress.

The video went viral on the internet with police arresting the star of the clip and referred him to prosecution for further investigations.


Dubai Police demanded the public to stop circulating the video, an act punishable by law.

Dubai is a luxury shopping city, with ultramodern architecture and a destination for foreigners seeking lively nightlife scenes. However, locals expect foreigners to show some consideration to local traditions and customs.

Arrests in Dubai for fouling of UAE's law are not uncommon, with many arrested for farce charges documented. 

In February, British football fan, Ali Issa Ahmad, arrested for wearing Qatar shirt in the UAE during the Asian Cup, before he was freed after two weeks in detention.

Qatar has been under blockade by the UAE since June 2015, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain with Abu Dhabi criminalising anyone showing sympathy to Doha.

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