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Man arrested for recording video of valet sitting on car bonnet in UAE

The man faces up to six months in jail and a fine of up to Dh500,000.

Dubai Police have arrested a man for making and sharing on social media a video of another man sitting on the bonnet of a car while the driver tries to get him off by constantly braking and accelerating the vehicle 

Colonel Faisal Essa Al Qasim, Director of Security Media, said that the law prohibits recording videos of people without telling them, and sharing it on social media or other websites.

He added that such an act is punishable by at least six months of imprisonment, and/or a fine from Dh150,000 to Dh500,000.

A 90-second video showing a valet sitting on the bonnet of a woman's car and refusing to get off it even as the female motorist drives away with him at an intersection has gone viral on social media.

The bizarre incident - which was captured by a fellow motorist from a distance - took place at the traffic signal in front of the Dubai Holding on Jumeirah Street following an altercation over parking ticket between the two.

Colonel Faisal Essa Al Qasim, director of Dubai Police Security Media, said the man and the woman were summoned to the Bur Dubai Police Station and interrogated regarding the incident.

The Dubai Police have referred the Arab man - who works in a hotel - to the public prosecution for endangering his life and that of others. Al Qasim pointed out that the charges might go beyond hampering traffic and amount to misdemeanour or felony, according to law.

He said the valet claimed he blocked the woman's path after she  gave him a wrong ticket to avoid paying parking fees. However, the woman insisted she had given him the correct parking ticket for her car.

In the footage, the man can be seen sitting on a Kia Picanto car's bonnet at the traffic signal. The woman drives her car, despite the man being on it. She swerves her car to the right. He falls on the ground several times, but doesn't give up. The man stands up every time he is forced to get off and sits on the bonnet, preventing her way. The woman finally speeds away.

The Dubai Police warned public against taking videos or photographs of members of the community in various situations, such as accidents or crimes, and posting them on social media without referring them to the competent authorities. The police stressed that this is violation of privacy and carries legal accountability as per the information technology law.

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