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Man gets Dh5,000 fine after taking videos in UAE mall

He filmed girls at different shops and from different angles.

A man was fined Dh5,000 for shooting two young ladies without their knowledge in Ajman. 

The court likewise requested that his cell phone be reallocated for his crime, according to Al Bayan report. 

The two Asian national young ladies had been shopping at the Ajman China Mall when they saw a man shooting them. 

One of the young ladies went up to him and requested to see his cell phone. She saw in excess of seven clasps as they meandered from shop to shop, taken from a few points, on his gadget. 

The denounced admitted to general society examiner that he was taping the shops and the young ladies happened to be in the edge. 

"I didn't intend to film them," he asserted. 


Taking a video without somebody's consent in an open place has landed others stuck in an unfortunate situation previously. 

Most as of late, a lady was fined Dh150,000 for snapping a picture of another lady and posting it via web-based networking media in Abu Dhabi. 

A man had been captured for taping a crying specialist out in the open in Dubai only a couple of months prior. 

As per government declare law no. 5 of 2012 of the cybercrime law, inhabitants who rupture the security of others can confront a fine somewhere in the range of Dh150,000 and Dh500,000, notwithstanding something like one year in prison.

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