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Man sexually assaults mentally ill woman in Dubai hotel

The man introduced himself using a fake name and lured the woman into meeting him.

A Dubai court charged a driver for allegedly luring a lady, who experiences mental illness, into a lodging, where he sexually assaulted her. 

Prosecutors charged the 32-year-old Pakistani man of exploiting Emirati victim's vulnerability. The man constrained himself on the epileptic lady on September 19, 2018. 

He denied the rape charge at the Court of First Instance. 

The 38-year-old injured individual said amid the general population arraignment examination that she experienced a dysfunctional behavior and had been taking drugs for psychosis and epilepsy. She said that upon the arrival of episode, she was not completely mindful of her activities as she had quit taking her medications. "I met the respondent on Instagram and he presented himself as an Emirati man." 

She described how he requested to meet with her at a lodging instead of at an open place. 

"He asserted he needed to see me in private and that he needed to converse with me unreservedly. I was not in my correct personality when I went to the inn and booked a room in my name," the injured individual said. 

She told the examiners that the speculate all of a sudden took her to the bed and struck her. "I couldn't fend off him or even shout for help." 


She later trusted to her mom and stopped a dissension at the Bur Dubai police headquarters. She told the police how apprehensive she felt of the litigant and how she didn't know about what was happening. She additionally said that she started to hear voices in her mind." 

She additionally visited her specialist who recommended the essential prescription for her. 

A restorative report, encased to the case record, and issued from a specific therapeutic focus, said that the injured individual initially visited the middle in April 2015. She was then determined to have bipolar confusion and experienced scenes of sadness and psychosis. The record likewise referenced that she was a successive patient of the mental ward. 

The therapeutic report likewise affirmed that she couldn't be considered in charge of her activities at the time the episode occurred as she had not been taking her meds. She backslid and was carrying on in a way wherein she was not possessed the capacity to predict the lawful and future repercussions of her activities.

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