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MoI install surveillance cams on beaches, parks to arrest law violators

In a move aimed at controlling the environmental situation and arrest the violators of the law, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) in coordination with the Ministry of Interior has installed the surveillance cameras on the beaches and parks, the Jaber Bridge and islands and places where people gather, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The sources told Al- Qabas that the cameras will be linked to the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior (Environment Police Department) or the EPA’s operations room designed for the police to play a significant role in monitoring and controlling violators of environmental laws and regulations.

The liaison officers are able to communicate with the field teams and guide them to offenders instead of wasting time in limited patrolling of certain places.


The sources confirmed that the installation of cameras in other places is under study after a parliamentary proposal presented by MP Ahmed Fadhel, especially in places belonging to tourism projects. The sources pointed to the inability of judicial officers in the Environment Public Authority and Environmental Police officers of the Ministry of Interior to follow up all the irregularities happening at public places and touristic sites due to lack of ‘manpower’.

The EPA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, has divided the judicial control teams into six distributed over the governorates, but the number of individuals is small compared to the need to control violators and raise awareness in the field of environmental conservation.

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