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New conditions to impose on Expats above the age of 65

The Public Authority for Manpower tends to impose new conditions on the transactions of residents over the age of 65 who do not hold university degrees or equivalent, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Some departments have begun to prevent the transfer of residency of such expatriates from a company to another in the private sector. Sources said PAM has not issued a circular or a formal decision on who has exceeded 65 years and does not have a university degree, but the talk about it was in the Board of Directors meeting and decisions might be taken in the coming period.

The number of expatriate workers in the country who have exceeded 65 years of age and work in different sectors, according to the statistics of the Public Authority for Civil Information exceeded 23,500 workers in the private sector and 2,680 in the government sector, in addition to 2,250 (domestic labor) and 9,516 housewives, 488 retirees with revenue and 1,094 unemployed.


The statistics showed that 10,217 people over the age of 65 hold university degrees and diplomas or higher, 8,914 illiterates, 8,599 can read and write, 6,082 secondary school graduates, 5,618 intermediate students and 4,302 elementary students.

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