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Pakistani man helps save girl forced into prostitution in Dubai

He reported the girl's plight to the police after he received a text message from her brother.

A Pakistani man, who "began to look all starry eyed at" a 13-year-old young lady constrained into prostitution in Dubai, is standing preliminary over attack charges. The 25-year-old confessed to engaging in sexual relations with the minor a few times "with her assent". He detailed the young lady's predicament to the police, which prompted her save. 

The court of first case heard that another Pakistani man, 49, conveyed the 13-year-old to the nation, in the wake of professing to be her dad, and constrained her into prostitution. 

He supposedly assaulted his countryman and struck her with a stick each time she declined to have intercourse with him. The blamed ran a house of ill-repute in Abu Hail in Dubai and was captured alongside two of his countrywomen, who deal with prostitution indictments. He is dealing with indictments of human dealing, running a house of ill-repute, attack and encouraging paid sex for the other two ladies. 

The case was accounted for in September 2018. 

As per court records, the young lady told investigators that the blamed constrained her into prostitution back home two years prior. He then issued a visit visa for her and conveyed her to the nation, asserting she was his little girl. The young lady was compelled to have intercourse with "11 men of various nationalities" consistently for cash. 


"He assaulted me back home and here (in the UAE) as well. He hit me with a stick each time I declined to engage in sexual relations with him," the young lady told examiners. 

The 25-year-old respondent, was a client at the massage parlor, began to look all starry eyed at the young lady and guaranteed to wed her. He detailed the young lady's predicament to the police after he got an instant message from her sibling, who dwells in Pakistan, asking for help. 

The police struck the place and captured the two ladies, both matured 23, who confessed to functioning as whores. They additionally confirmed the young lady's assault claims. They said the house of ill-repute's proprietor moved toward the young lady while he was tanked and needed to have intercourse with her. He ambushed her when she won't. The two ladies conceded that the denounced paid Pakistani Rs200,000 to their families to convey them to the UAE. 

The 49-year-old denied assault charges yet confessed to devouring liquor. He additionally conceded he conveyed the young person to the nation for prostitution and encouraged paid sex for the other two ladies. 

Legal reports indicated wounds on the young lady's body.

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