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'Qatar for maintaining friendly relations with all countries in region'

HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheik Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani has said there was no indication of a leap forward in the Gulf crisis so far. 

In a meeting with US media network Bloomberg, HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said no development or further advances have been made since the GCC Summit in Riyadh a month ago in which some leap forward was normal, focusing on that Qatar stays open to exchange is as yet continuing with its own national plan. 

Sheik Mohamed bin Abdulrahman certified that there was no option in contrast to the GCC nations for Qatar, and said Qatar has confidence in the strength of the authority of the GCC since its establishment. 

"Turkey, Iran and Iraq are vital parts of the area and Qatar needs to construct solid connections and associations with different nations in the locale. Qatar needs positive and productive relations with those nations and this isn't a direct result of the barricade however it is a piece of Qatar's technique to keep up its agreeable relations with all nations in the district," the outside pastor said. 

He noticed that Qatar may have contrasts and conflicts with those nations, "however Iran is a neighboring nation by the day's end, and Qatar shares gas fields with it", including that Iran opened its skies when the barring nations shut their airspace before the Qatari individuals. "In this manner, it is vital to draw in with every one of these nations, and Qatar stays open with the GCC emergency and without the GCC emergency." 

HE Sheik Mohamed communicated the expectation that the GCC nations, particularly the barricading nations, "return to reason, begin to connect with their locale and resolve this issue". 

Inquired as to whether Qatar would think about nearer associations with Iran, Iraq and Turkey if the bar holds on, HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Qatar has effectively solid key relations with Turkey. "We remained alongside one another amid troublesome occasions. At the point when Turkey experienced a troublesome time Qatar remained by it, and when Qatar experienced a troublesome time Turkey remained by it; we have this procedure." 


He proceeded with: "Iraq is likewise a piece of our locale, and we welcome Iraq back to the Arab world as a steady country and we are attempting to help in balancing out this country. A closer association with Iraq is an or more for Qatar." 

Concerning, the Foreign Minister stated: "Iran is a piece of our topography, and we trust likewise that the GCC nations begin to connect with Iran in a positive and helpful exchange to determine this exceptional issue of our provincial security which is affecting our security specifically and in a roundabout way." 

On Qatar's choice to put $500mn in Lebanese government bonds, he stated: "Lebanon's soundness is our area's strength and it's imperative for Qatar," including that "Qatar has been a functioning player locally in balancing out various nations, and Lebanon is one among them". 

He said His Highness the Amir Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani went to the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut not long ago and had a discourse with the Lebanese president, "and the Lebanese clarified their circumstance that any assistance in purchasing the administration bonds would help settle their economy". 

"We took our choice, both dependent on our evaluation to settle Lebanon and furthermore as a speculation choice; this is a decent venture." 

The Foreign Minister said Lebanon had never defaulted in paying interests, and stated: "We are going to work it out together. We have trust and trust in the economy and the general population of Lebanon, and that they will stand and thrive once more."

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