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Ramadan cannon fire at Souq Waqif draws big crowd

There was an air of excitement and curiosity as dozens of Qatari and resident families gather daily in the eastern square stand of the Souq Waqif to witness the traditional Ramadan cannon firing to announce the breaking of fast.

Witnessing the Ramadan cannon firing even once during the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the things that help one feel the atmosphere of Ramadan. 

Ali Ahmed, a visitor, said those who attend the cannon firing on a daily basis are the ones who live close to the Souq Waqif. Firing of the Ramadan cannon, a tradition practiced in Qatar and other parts of the Islamic world, evokes memories of the past among the older generation while it arises curiosity and excitement among youngsters.

Introduced at a time when most people didn’t own a clock or watch to know Iftar time, the tradition still remains popular.

He said many families are keen to visit Souq Waqif to witness the launch of the Ramadan cannon.

He said those who witness the cannon fire are keen to document the moments by taking commemorative photographs with the cannon and the armed forces personnel who manage it.

Another visitor remembered Ramadan in the past years, when the sound of the cannon was the only means to know when to breakfast the fast. Introduced at a time when most people didn’t own a clock or watch to know Iftar time, the tradition still remains popular and Qatar kept the beautiful tradition alive.


Some of the visitors said the cannon fire is one of the traditions that links the past with the present, and evokes great public interest as the cannon fire become a symbol of Ramadan.

Guests visiting Qatar from around the world would like to see the Ramadan cannon firing “We are keen to enjoy these happy moments and to know the most important means of announcing the end of the fasting day as these visits are heritage aspects that teach lessons to new generations that recognise the heritage of their fathers and grandfathers of these traditions,” a visitor said.

A group of parents expressed their keenness to accompany their children to watch the breakfast cannon closely, as one of the most important aspects of the heritage associated with the holy month and spirituality.

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