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Saudi family's dream of owning a house turns into nightmare

A Saudi family living in the Al-Hamadaniyyah district of Jeddah never expected their dream of owning a house would turn into a nightmare so soon. 

The roof of their villa suddenly fell down Tuesday morning without any warnings only five years after the family purchased it.

Khaled Al-Jahdali, the owner of the said, said he and his family only lived for five years in their villa before it collapsed.

He said he bought the villa paying SR1.5 million after taking out a bank loan, which was to be repaid in 12 years in monthly installments of SR12,000.


"I still have seven years to complete paying the price of the villa," he said, expressing his anger and despair.

Jahdali said at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the family became terrified when they heard the sound of the roof collapsing but no one was killed or injured.

He said he Civil Defense asked them to vacate the villa because it was on the verge of collapse.

"The problem is that we have nowhere to go. We do not own another house in Jeddah," he added.

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