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Thailand STOPS Deportation of Saudi Teen Fleeing Family

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, says she is in danger of detainment and even passing because of the Saudi experts and her family 

Thailand has stopped plans to extradite a 18-year-old Saudi lady back to the Gulf, the nation's migration boss said on Monday, after she blockaded herself inside her airplane terminal lodging and declined to be come back to her family. 

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is presently "in a protected place", a representative for the United Nation's exile office (UNHCR) said later in the day, without broadly expounding. 

"She's presently in a safe place, out of the lodging," Cecile Pouilly, senior interchanges officer for UNHCR, disclosed to UN News. 

"She's presently in a condition of enthusiastic pain after the entirety of she's experienced and she should be given a touch of breathing space, yet in the coming days, we will continue meeting with her to endeavor to survey her security needs," Pouilly said. 

Qunun touched base at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi air terminal in travel from Kuwait on Saturday, when she was denied section by Thai migration authorities. 

On Monday, authorities conceded having contact with the Saudi international safe haven before her landing, after beforehand denying it. 

"The Saudi Arabia international safe haven reached the movement police ... what's more, said that the young lady had fled from her folks and they fear for her security," the head of Thailand's migration police, Surachate Hakparn, told columnists. 

"We recognized this and checked her printed material. She had an international ID however no arrival ticket, no sightseeing arrangement, and no goal or lodging reservation in Thailand ... so per air terminal security methods, movement denied her entrance." 

She traveled to Thailand from Kuwait, deserting her family while they voyaged and saying she dreaded they would slaughter her. 

The Saudi remote service denied her claims that its international safe haven had seized her identification, saying in a tweet she was ceased at the air terminal for damaging Thai movement laws. 

Qunun posted a video on Twitter on Monday of her blockading her inn entryway with a table and a sleeping cushion. 

Hakparn said Thailand would facilitate with UNHCR in discourses about Qunun's designs. 


Qunun told the Reuters news organization she fled Kuwait while her family was visiting the Gulf nation and had intended to make a trip from Thailand to Australia to look for refuge. Qunun has a three-month different section traveler visa for Australia, as indicated by the Guardian paper. 

The Saudi youngster said she was confined subsequent to abandoning her plane in Bangkok and advised she would be sent back to Kuwait. 

"My siblings and family and the Saudi government office will sit tight for me in Kuwait," Qunun said by content and voice message from the lodging late on Sunday. 

"They will slaughter me," she said. "My life is in peril. My family undermines to slaughter me for the most trifling things." 

Inquired as to why she was looking for shelter in Australia, she stated: "Physical, enthusiastic and verbal maltreatment and being detained inside the house for a considerable length of time. They compromise to murder me and keep me from proceeding with my training. 

"They won't let me drive or travel. I am abused. I adore life and work and I am exceptionally eager yet my family is keeping me from living." 

Worldwide support

Via web-based networking media human rights activists have called for expelling to be ended, utilizing the hashtag #SaveRahaf. 

Her family couldn't promptly be gone after remark. In her underlying online life requests, Qunun said her family was ground-breaking in Saudi society however she didn't recognize them. 

Saudi Arabia's guardianship framework expects ladies to have consent from a male in respect to work, travel, wed and even get medicinal treatment now and again. 

Thai migration specialists denied Qunun's charges they were acting at the command of the Saudi government, saying she was rejected passage since she didn't have the best possible reports for a visa on entry. 

The Saudi remote service said on its official Twitter account: "She was halted by the air terminal experts for abusing the laws. Her visa was not appropriated by the Saudi international safe haven." 

New York-based Human Rights Watch said Thailand ought not send Qunun back to her family since she says she faces threat. 

"Thai experts should quickly end any expulsion, and either enable her to proceed with her movement to Australia or allow her to stay in Thailand to look for security as an outcast," Michael Page, representative Middle East executive at Human Rights Watch, said in an announcement. 

Qunun said she had gotten an Australian visa and booked a flight. She said she wanted to put in a couple of days in Thailand so she would not start doubt when she left Kuwait. 

"When I arrived at the air terminal, somebody came and said he would process the [Thai] visa however he took my identification. He returned with what appeared to be air terminal security and said that my folks questioned and said I should come back to Saudi Arabia through Kuwait Airways," she said. 

She said she trusted she was halted after her family spoke to Kuwait Airways. A representative for Kuwait Airways said he had no data about the case. 

Thai movement boss Hakparn prior said he had no contact with Saudi authorities or Thailand's outside clergyman before Qunun's landing. He said she was denied section since she didn't have a paid return ticket or lodging reservation. 

"She was over-overstating... She fled her family from Saudi Arabia and landed in Thailand yet she didn't have essential records to enter. Thai migration needed to deny her entrance," he stated, portraying such cases as standard methodology. 

Another Saudi lady, Dina Ali Lasloom, was halted in travel in the Philippines in April 2017 when she endeavored to escape her family. 

An aircraft security official told activists that Lasloom was heard "shouting and asking for help" as men conveyed her "with pipe tape on her mouth, feet and hands" at the airplane terminal.

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