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Using emojis in UAE can land you in court

Misusing an emoji can land you in court if it was considered as an insult, harassment or threat.

Using emojis in texts and comments has become a way for people to express emotions. But misusing an emoji can land you in court if it was considered as an insult, harassment or threat.

A court in Ras Al Khaimah has examined a case in which an Asian worker faced accusations of libel and slander because he posted a fox emoji on a picture of a group of people, Emarat Al Youm reported.

The case was filed against him because the fox emoji was considered offensive.

Law experts believe that some people file vexatious claims to take revenge on someone or to receive financial compensation.

Lawyer Hamad Al Debani told Emarat Al Youm that some people use emojis as a way to express an insult, by sending an emoji of a dog, fox or a pig.


He added that a court can hand down a fine to a person if it found him guilty of using an emoji as an insult. The history of the relation between the plaintiff and the defendant will be considered in the case, Al Debani noted.

From another viewpoint, lawyer Hanan Al Bayed said that misuse of emoji can be offensive, as sending an emoji of a knife or weapon could be considered as a threat. She added that an emoji of a flower or a heart to a woman could be considered as harassment if they don't know each other.

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