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Video: Mother risks son's life to get house keys in harrowing viral clip

Disclaimer: The video may be disturbing for some viewers.

An Egyptian lady was captured for endangering her son's life by driving him out of a window to enter another balcony - after she had kept herself out of the apartment. 

The scene - caught in a viral video - demonstrates the mother driving her scared crying child out of the window. 

Luckily, the youngster endure the nerve racking experience as he had clutched the edge of the balcony tightly. 

After the episode, the mother was captured and the Egyptian government got involved to rehabilitate the mother and the child. 


As indicated by local media reports, the dad of the child, Abd El Razik Abou Zayed , was missing amid the occurrence, and found out about it from his neighbors. 

He proposed that the mother was clearly powerless in the circumstance, when she could have rather requested assistance from the neighbors or a locksmith. 

He opined that the mother just needed to 'rebuff the tyke and panic him'. 

Furthermore, he included that general society indictment had questioned the mother on Saturday for further lawful techniques. 

In the mean time, the legislature has reported that the mother, the kid and whatever is left of the family would experience mental checkup to guarantee their wellbeing later on.

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