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Want to migrate to Canada from UAE? Here's how to increase your score

Do you know everything about Express Entry to Canada?

On the off chance that you are one of the many residents wanting to move to Canada, you have to know everything about the universe of Express Entry. 

From 2015, Express Entry was structured by Canadian experts to all the more likely adjust the aptitude necessities of migrants to match the needs in the labour market. 

By applying for Express Entry, applicants furnished with their scores, enter the pool of Comprehensive Ranking System. 

The national government, generally at regular intervals, recognizes the most noteworthy positioned competitors and issues Invitations to Apply for changeless residency. 

In the event that you are missing the mark in your score for CRS, here are the means you can take to expand your score:

1. Reappearing for IELTS

The best IELTS results can get you up to 160 points, so if you are not satisfied with your language test results, you can consider retaking the test.

Once your Express Entry profile is created, you can reappear for the test multiple times and update your score. 

2. Getting a provincial nomination

Candidates can get up to 600 points by getting a provincial nomination. Different provinces list different occupation needs and these keep changing. Keep checking the provincial nomination updates to stay abreast with the latest news, scores and openings. 

If you have previously visited a province, you can get extra points. Check details about provincial nominations on thiswebsite.  


3.Job offer

Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer can get you up to 200 additional points. Check the opportunities available listed on the Canada job bank and apply for relevant positions on LinkedIn and social media platforms.  

4. Going back to school

A short program like a one year post secondary certification can get you a lost of points. One post-secondary degree of three years or more can get your 120 points. A second one year program can give you 8 additional points.  

You can check out Study 2 immigrate program to increase your score.  

5. Getting spousal points 

In some cases, getting your spouse or common-law partner listed can get your additional points.  

Their work experience, IELTS  score, educational credentials can boost your CRS score. 

In few cases, though you may get a higher score by listing yourself as a single applicant. Listing your partner as non-accompanying can get you some points and they can join you once you residency is sorted.  

6. Blood ties in Canada 

If you have brother or sister living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident, you can increase your CRS score by 15 points. 

This relationship has to be through blood, adoption, marriage or common-law partnership. 

For more detailed tips, hear it from the experts below:

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