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Want to work part-time for Dubai Police? Here's how

Here's your chance to help the police with marketing, digital media, graphic design, interior design and multimedia.

The Dubai Police have launched an initiative to offer part-time jobs to university students. The 'part-time collaborators' initiative has already roped in 15 students to implement joint projects under the supervision of their deans and professors. (Looking for other job opportunities? Apply here)

Dr Mansour Hassan Al Baloushi from the General Department of Human Resources said the students would help the police with marketing, visual communication, digital media, graphic design, interior design and multimedia. The move would help the police reduce its budget for these specialisations by more than half, the official added.


Sheikha Al Janahi from the department said the police first evaluate their needs before contacting universities to nominate their best students. The police then interview the nominated students and sign the part-time work contracts with the selected candidates.

Brigadier General Dr Saleh Murad, director-general of the police's human resources department, said the police believe in the youth's capabilities and are keen on benefitting from student talents in different sectors.

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