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Watchman sneaks into flat, rapes 18-year-old Dubai resident

The mother would very often find her daughter crying over nothing.

A 21-year-old person has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance for assaulting a 18-year-old mentally-challenged young lady at her family's home. 

Investigators accused the Pakistani man, who fills in as a site guard, of taking advantage of the condition of the victim, an Iraqi, to sexually abuse her. As indicated by public prosecution records, he had the level's key as he filled in as a gatekeeper and he sneaked his way into the place to see the injured individual a few times while her mom and grandma were away. 

He denied rape and trespass charges in court. 

The case goes back to August 2018 and was enrolled at Al Rafaa police headquarters. 

The young lady's mom said amid the examination that she saw that her girl had lost her craving. "I would regularly locate her crying over nothing. I sat down and conversed with her on September 11." 

The mother related that her young lady revealed to her that when she (the mother) and the grandma would go out, the guard would open the level, utilizing a key he had. He would explicitly pester her. 

"My girl has an extraordinary condition. She endures disarranges in consideration, fixation and correspondence capacities. Her condition makes her an obvious objective to others with sick aim. The blamed exploited for that circumstance to explicitly manhandle my little girl," the observer told the investigator. 


She reviewed that back in February 2018, when she leased the level, she needed to change the bolt however the guard demanded she took his key and kept another with him. "That was the manner by which he got inside our place in our nonattendance and explicitly bugged my young lady," she affirmed. 

The denounced was caught by the CID officers on September 13. 

As indicated by a report from the general directorate of criminal proof and criminology, the respondent assaulted the person in question, exploiting the reality she has low confidence. 

The respondent conceded amid the police cross examination and the general population indictment examination that he engaged in sexual relations with the injured individual multiple times. 

Examiners exhorted that the injured individual be sent for mental treatment so she could defeat what she had experienced. 

A restorative report from a medical clinic considered the unfortunate casualty as rationally weakened and henceforth couldn't be considered responsible for her activities. 

The injured individual distinguished him among different suspects at the police headquarters. 

The preliminary has been deferred to February 20.

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