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Woman hires gang in UAE to loot, kill roommate

She opened the door for them while the victim slept.

A lady and four men have been blamed for killing a female countryman in Abu Dhabi. 

The unfortunate casualty's roommate, an Asian national, had masterminde the whole plot, according to Emarat Al Youm report. 

Her thought process was to escape desperate monetary straits, so she made an arrangement to execute the lady and take her cash and adornments. 

She called the men and organized them to enter the level while her flat mate was sleeping. 

At the point when the unfortunate casualty had fallen oblivious, the blamed considered the men and opened the way to her flat mate's space for them. 


After waking her, one of them imagine he was a CID officer and requested her ID, however she was excessively suspicious. 

Before she could begin shouting, they suppressed her mouth, tied her up with a sari, and covered her face with a cushion until the point that she choked to death. 

They stole her cash, split it among themselves, and gave the assets to a gem dealer. 

The third blamed had a video cut on his telephone, where he taped the person in question while she was tied up. Her face bore indications of dread and frenzy. The clasp likewise recorded the men concurring on the need to execute the person in question. 

The court dismissed the case to get notification from the fourth charged's guard legal advisor.

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