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Worker films flat mate in shower, shares on WhatsApp in UAE

The complainant received video clips on WhatsApp from several persons outside the UAE a few days later, showing him showering.

A Pakistani man allegedly filmed his flatmate as he was taking a shower and shared the clip on WhatsApp. The victim, also a Pakistani, knew about it when his friends back home sent him the clips.

The 30-year-old defendant, who works as a carpet cleaner, denied charges of sexual assault and invasion of privacy at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to public prosecution records, the case dates back to January 2, when the defendant hid his mobile phone in the bathroom of the flat in Al Satwa and put it on video mode to record the victim in the shower.

The victim, a 22-year-old working as a delivery man, said the defendant borrowed money from his friends in December last year. "My friends would frequently visit me. I was not happy with that and I told him about my intention to move out. He got upset and threatened that I would regret it. But I left the accommodation."


The complainant received video clips on WhatsApp from several persons outside the UAE a few days later, showing him showering. "They told me the defendant had sent the clips to them. I complained immediately at the Bur Dubai police station. The accused had secretly placed his mobile phone in a corner of the bathroom and filmed me," the complainant told the prosecutor. He said that he had no prior disputes with the defendant except that he had told him that he would move out. "I felt embarrassed and ashamed after the clips were circulated among my acquaintances. I was unaware of what he did until I received the videos. I did not allow him to film me and spread the clips. I did not notice he was unwell and taking pills and medication."

A police lieutenant said he questioned the defendant. "He only admitted he filmed the victim, following a dispute over amounts of money paid for residency. But he claimed he did not send it to anyone and that someone used his phone and shared the clip with others in Pakistan."

The police seized the defendant's mobile phone. It contained the clip, subject of the case, plus four other inappropriate clips of children.

The defendant admitted to the charges during the public prosecution investigation. A ruling will be pronounced on June 20.

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