OFW in Jeddah Asking For Help Because Her Employer Is Doing Malicious Things In Front of Her

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is asking for help because her employer is allegedly doing malicious things in front of her.


According to the OFW identified as Mary Anne Suriaga, her employer is unhesitant to roam in the house without wearing single clothes. Fortunately, the incident was caught on CCTV which can be used as an evidence against him.

In the video, it can be seen that a man, entered the kitchen, carrying a plate without any clothes.

Marlon Suriaga, the husband of the OFW, said that the video was given to him by his wife who was obviously distraught towards the incident.

Good thing the OFW got the chance to take the video as this will serve as an evidence because in most cases, OFWs who report incidents of abuse are the ones being blamed for the situation.

The said video was already sent to the agency but it seems like her agency is siding the employer. A text message saying that the OFW might be the one facing charges against her employer.

According to Marlon, the agency refused to believe her wife and thinks that she is just faking things.

Jovet Dela hente from the Talentsphere Incorporated, recruitment agency of Mary Anne, said that they still haven’t received the CCTV video.

However, she promised to report the video to OWWA and POLO to help rescue the OFW

Source: kwentongofw

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