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Four expat women jailed, fined for human trafficking in Oman

Four expat women have been imprisoned and fined on charges of human trafficking in two separate cases, reported TimesofOman.

As indicated by authorities, the women abused other expat ladies and forced them into prostitution.


First Case, one Woman was jailed for five years, while the other woman was jailed for three years. Both the accused were fined OMR5,000 each.

In the second case, the two accused have been sentenced to five years in jail each and fined OMR5,000 each."

The charged, as indicated by authorities, lured women with the promise of providing them jobs at beauty parlours in Oman.

"The four defendants trafficked expat womens and constrained them into prostitution after they attracted them [with the promise] that they would furnish them with employments in excellence parlors in Oman. At the point when the exploited people arrived, they were exchanged to a level and constrained them into prostitution," Public Prosecution included.

The court likewise requested a permanent deportation of the blamed and issued an order to confiscate all the money they earned.

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