Oman extends migrant workers’ ban for certain sectors until yearend

Oman has extended the currently imposed migrant workers’ ban on several work sectors until the end of the year.


In an advisory released by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Oman announced that the ban will be extended for another six months.

“The Ministry of Manpower in Oman has extended for six (6) months the hiring ban for non-Omani manpower or expatriate workers in eighty-seven (87) professions mentioned in Ministerial Decree 38/2018. The extension of the hiring ban will commence 30 July 2018,” the advisory read.

The advisory noted, however, that the ban will not affect OFWs who are already working in Oman before the imposition of the ban.

In January, Oman imposed a migrant workers’ ban on 87 jobs to increase the employment rate among its nationals especially to fresh graduates who are having a difficulty in landing a job.

The temporary ban “would help companies to create vacancies for Omanis who are looking for jobs,” said Abdullah bin Nasser Abdullah Al Bakri, Minister of Manpower.

Ten industries including Medical, Engineering, and Administration services will be affected with the ban.

Affected jobs and sectors are as follows:

Information and Technology
1.Information Security Specialist
2.Geographic Information System Specialist
3.Electronic Computer Networks
4.Programmed Machines Maintenance – Electronic
5.Electronic Calculator Maintenance
6.Graphic Designer
7.Electronic Surveillance – Equipment Assembly
8.Electronics Technician – Telecom
9.Electronics Technician – Control Instrument
10.Electronic Technician – Medical Equipment
11.Electronics Technician Broadcast
12.Electronic Technician – Programmed Machines
13.Electronic Technician – Computer Networks
14.Computer Programmer
15.Computer Engineer
16.Computer operator

Accounting and Finance
1.Bank Notes and Money changer
2. Bank notes technician
3. Account Auditing technician
4.General accounting technician
5.Cost account technician
6.Costs accountant
7.Insurance collector

Marketing and Sales
1.Sales specialist
3.Commercial agent
4.Commercial manager
5.Procurement logistics specialist

Administration and Human Resources
1.Business Administration Specialist
2.Public Relation Specialist
3.Human Resources Specialist
4.Administrative Director

1.Insurance Agent General
2.Real Estate Insurance Agent
3.Cargo Insurance Agent
4.Life Insurance Agent
5.Vehicle Insurance Agent
6.Factory Insurance Agent

Information/Media Professions
1. Media Specialist
2. Page Maker
3. Paper Pulp Machine Operator
4. Bookbinding Machine Operator
5. Decorative Books Operator of
6. Calendar Operator
7. Paper Dyeing Machine Operators
8. Bill Printing Machine Operator
9. Cylinder Press Operator
10. Rotating Press Operator
11. Offset Printing Machine Operator
12. Color Press Operator
13. Palnographic Press Operator
14. Paper Folder Machine Operator
15. Paper Coating Machine Operator
16. Advertising Agent

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