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57 Year old Woman Breaks World Record , Doctor Removes This To Her Body

A woman topped the news in Costa Rica after she was confined in the hospital for experiencing intolerable abdominal pain. What did the surgeons found inside her body?


57-year-old Sonia Lopez has a big chance to put her name on Guiness Book of Record after surgeons extracted a massive 34 kg tumor which grew inside her ovaries.

According to reports, Lopez delayed her operation for 8 years causing her tumor to drastically grow bigger inside her body. Her tumor had occupied 80 percent of her abdomen which almost crushed her internal organs including her liver, diaphragm and intestines.

After the operation, Lopez was able to drop 4 stones from her weight and could have suffered heart attack if the procedure will again be delayed.

Thankfully, Lopez decided to go under the knife to extract the tumor out as it already caused her problems on breathing and of course, costing her life.

The operation was done at the hospital in Mexico near San Jose under five surgeons.

The tumor weighed 35kg with a diameter of 5 and a half feet surpassing the 30kg tumor current world record.As of now, Lopez is recovering from her operation and waits for the result if her tumor is cancerous or not.

According to Lopez, she felt that she’s now living a new life after the 34-kg tumor was removed from her body.

“I was very tired and felt very ill beforehand. From how I felt before to the way I feel now, it’s like a journey from the sun to the Earth. I feel like I’ve been born again,” Lopez said on her interview.


Source: healthstagram

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