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Disabled Father Sells Snacks, Candies To Send His Kids To School

A disabled father carries a heavy luggage full of snacks and candies selling it to Makati just to send his children to school despite his condition.


A half-paralyzed man named Moises Daguinod has proved his love for his children through selling different types of goods just to give his children a brighter future.

Daguinod has suffered stroke twice causing the half of his body to be paralyzed, which disabled him to do certain things. His doctor also advised him not to put too much strain on his body.


The hardworking man said that he would carry his luggage full of chips, candies, peanuts, fish crackers, and various types of chichiria to sell it in different places.

Moises also said that he is willing to sacrifice just to send his children to school and finish their studies.


The snack vendor leaves his home around 8 am in the morning and took several hours before reaching Makati, wherein he would sell his products in Ayala Tower and RCBC Plaza.


Before Moises suffered a stroke, he earns around P300 to P400 per day, but now after his story went viral online he already earns up to P1, 000 a day.

Unfortunately, there are times that the vendor’s hard-earned cash got robbed and brought nothing to his family.

Here is the video of Moises Daguinod uploaded by Kami.

The life of Tatay Moises was just an inspiration for every Filipino people showing that disabilities could not hinder his dream for his children.

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Source: philnews

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