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OFW in Saudi threatens to commit suicide if not sent home

Filipina worker in Jeddah threatened to take her own life if she would not be allowed to return to the Philippines.

According to the OFW’s employer, they saw Gina (not her real name) holding a knife while sitting on a corner inside their residence. The OFW requested to be sent home adding that she would take her life if her request would not be granted, according to GMA News.


Following the incident, the OFW’s employer brought her to the Philippine Consulate to receive the help she needs.

At the Consulate, the OFW said that she misses her two children in the Philippines. She said: “Sa trabaho kayang kaya ko yung trabaho kahit anong klaseng trabaho ang ipagawa yun lang po talaga homesick lang po.”

Right hand Labor Attaché Germie Daytoc said that pining to go home is a typical issue among OFWs. 

"For her situation nakita natin na 12 days dad lang sya dito sa Jeddah, maganda naman yung pakikitungo ng kanyang boss ngunit nakita natin na out of, you know, lungkot, nagawa niya ang bagay na ganon kaya natatakot ang boss nya at dinala sya dito sa atin sa konsulada," Daytoc said. 

Daytoc said that assistance will be given to the OFW in regards to her demand to return home yet prompted other trying OFWs to be prepared of the results of working abroad including homesickness.

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