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Philippine storm death toll rises to 22

Around 22 people died from a storm that swept through the central Philippine islands at the weekend, as per the authorities.

Rescue operations are underway in the flood-inundated communities.


Starting yesterday, the loss of life was four. The storm acquired substantial rain to Bicol and Eastern Visyas districts, causing overwhelming flooding and landslides.

A significant number of the deaths were because of landslides and drowning, it included, saying flood presently couldn't seem to subside even as the weather disturbance known locally as "Usman" weakened into a low pressure area.

"The majority of the (influenced) zones are underwater. We are sending troops and elastic vessels to safeguard families.

In a few zones the floods have achieved the tops of homes," Claudio Yucot, leader of the Bicol region's office of civil defence, said.

At least 16 people died in Bicol while others 6 were killed in Eastern Visayas, according to civil defence officials.

Over 22,000 people fled their homes ahead of the storm, which decimated rice and corn products and left a few streets and extensions out of reach, as indicated by territorial disaster officials.

3,900 individuals were emptied in four Bicol territories and since movement via ocean is suspended, in excess of 8,000 individuals were stranded on the ports. 

Government forecasters said Sunday that overwhelming precipitation would proceed throughout the following 24 hours in the northern Philippines. 

A normal of 20 typhoons and storms lash the Philippines every year, murdering many individuals and leaving millions in close ceaseless neediness.

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