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Philippines President Duterte says no more opening of bags in airports

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said bags of  travelers will never again be opened during airport screening and "human contact" would be limited, reported cnnphilippines.

President Duterte  said, "You know whether there is an enhancement in public service in the air terminal, one is that there will be no more inspection for bags that come in," in a speech at the 85th commemoration of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 

The President at that point made a joke about how acquiring contraband like dynamite, slugs, and weed would be alright, yet that the police and the individuals from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) would sit tight for them outside the air terminal. 

"I just prefer not any more opening of the bags," President Duterte explained.

He additionally said that there would be not any more human contact in airplane terminal immigration.

"All you need to do simply swipe your passport and you can go out. No more inquiries in immigation. At yung pagbalik palabas, I am requiring them out and out to receive a similar system. Paglabas ninyo, swipe lang ninyo. Not any more human inquiries," he said. 

The President gave no points of interest on when and how such convention would be implemented. Air terminal and government security authorities presently can't seem to remark on what he said. 

President Duterte said that in his years out in the open office, he has perceived how poor OFW would be treated. He reviewed one instance where he saw an OFW who arrived from Hong Kong with a little TV being charged an expense the laborer couldn't manage. 

He said he about got into a battle with the airplane terminal work force over the way the OFW was treated.

"That is the reason you can see my response every time. I don't care for individuals being mistreated. Regardless of whether rich or poor, I simply don't want oppression. I can't acknowledge that, particularly in my quality. I don't care for it. No reason, I simply don't care for it,"  he said. 

In February, in an offer to determine "tanim-bala" incidents in the nation, work, transportation, justice, and neighborhood government authorities consented to an arrangement to enhance airplane terminal security screening and shape rules on the examination and fast goals of the issue. 

"Tanim-bala" alludes to a trick by corrupt air terminal specialists to plant slugs in the packs of travelers during inspection to be able to extort money from them.

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