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Netizen Dared De Lima to Admit Links With Drugs Using Creative Tactic. HOW? READ HERE!

Following the many accusations of De Lima, the senator had a slight breakdown and went emotional in one of her press conferences as she defends herself from all the allegations thrown at her. This was after a riot in Bilibid occurred and her name has been been dragged in an accusation that she orderedassassination for Jaybee Sebastian, one of the high-profile inmate who is said to be the one directly connecting to her for the illegal drug trade. However, De Lima remained tough in denying these andpleaded the President to stop abusing her. 

The netizens, however, remained unfazed and has been expressing their anger through different social media platforms. One who has been recently viral was a dare for Sen. De Lima to admit being linked to drugs when a certain number of shares, likes and comments would be attained. The dare goes: "Hoy delima kapag ako naka kuha ng 10k likes, 10k comments, at 10K shares, AAMININ MUNA ISA KANG PROTEKTOR NG MGA DRUG LORD! kasama si ROXAS! G?"

As of this writing, the picture has already reached 69k likes, 15k shares, and 17k comments. 

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