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Will Priests and Church Officials Subject Themselves to Drug Tests?

Despite the opposition, President Duterte stands firm on his "War on Drugs". Over the past few months, more than 700,000 have surrendered voluntarily while the death linked to illegal drugs have reached almost 3,600. During the drug operations of the PNP, over 22,000 have been arrested and proven guilty of illegal drugs abuse and trades. 

But it is far from over. President Duterte asked for an extension of 6 months to his self-imposed deadline in ending criminality and drugs. Currently, the PNP is still on its maximum operations targeting different drug trades. Amid the extrajudicial killings issue, the PNP remains positive on their goal. 

With this, all institutions are expected to abide and support the aggressive nationwide  campaign against drugs and should subject themselves in drug testing. An article, which had been circulating in the media, encouraged everyone to undergo the test and show their support for the country. This includes schools, government agencies (to which the PNP will be first in line), and the church. 

The article, however, expressed resistance from the churches as they are one of the most powerful institutions in the country. But the article insists that the churches should also show its support to the government by abiding by its priorities.

The Catholic church is yet to issue its response regarding drug testing. The plan to implement nationwide testing is yet to be confirmed as well.

WillPriests and Church Officials Subject Themselves to Drug Tests?

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