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Everything you need to know about a driving license in Qatar

If you want to drive in Qatar, you should own a valid driving license. The Traffic Department is the approved authority for issuing driving licenses. Following are the different alternatives relying upon your length of stay. 

1.) On Entry in Qatar – Home nation license (few nations) valid for 1 week

Visitors in Qatar can drive for 7 days from the time they arrived on authorized licenses from a few nations. The home country license is valid for 7 days, to get more information about the validity and the list of the countries of whom the license is valid please visit the Traffic Department at Madinat Khalifa.


2.) Temporary Driving License – Validity of 3 months 

In case you wish to drive for longer than seven days, a Temporary License can be applied for,it holds a validity of 3 months. The validity of the license can be extended once it expires.

a.) Applying for temporary license

i.) Fill in the application form that can be downloaded from this link

( and submit it alongside the accompanying documents to the Traffic Department

ii.) Original valid license from your home nation

iii.) Passport-both original and copies

iv.) Three passport size color photos in white background

3.) International Driving License – holds 6 months of validity

A valid International driving license holds a validity of six months from the date you arrived in Qatar.

As a rule, temporary and International driving license holders are confined to driving rental vehicles as insurance agencies require drivers of privately-owned vehicles to have permanent license. 

4.) Permanent or Full Driving License 

If you hold a Qatar Residence Permit, you can apply for a Qatar Driving license. The fee for full license for Qataris is QR500 with a validity of 10 years and QR250 for non-Qataris with a validity of 5 years. Extra charges apply for driving and vision tests. 

5.) Renewing the license

Renewing of driving License is simple and can be done through Hukoomi. You will be made a request to disclose any changes in your wellbeing that may influence your ability to drive since your last permit application.

6.)Driving without a valid permit is a criminal offense

Driving without a valid permit is a criminal offense with brutal punishments for non-compliance. In case you got involved in a mishap, your insurance will be invalid and you may confront jail term and expelling. 

7.) Address and opening timings of the Traffic Department 

All matters related to Traffic violations and licenses are handled by the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior. The Traffic Department is situated on Khalifa Street, Madinat Khalifa and is open from 7am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm.

Source: qatarday

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