Pet Adoption In Qatar

Are you considering adopting a new pet?  Before you do, please read below carefully before you make up your mind.  A pet is for life, and once you have adopted one, you are responsible for its happiness and well- being.  If you are looking to re-home your pet because you rescued an animal, then these are good guidelines to figure out if the person interested in adopting your pet is really up to the commitment.

If you are serious about looking for a new companion to share your life and home, please read our procedures before you browse through the dogs and cats that are looking for a home.

1. Because you think animals are 'cute'.  Yes they might be 'cute' to begin with, but they will grow up.  Getting a pet just because they are cute, is one of the worst reasons to adopt. You should not adopt a pet based on an emotional impulse or even worse, on a whim. Before bringing a pet home, you should know what it means to take care of that pet.  Do you have time to spend and play?  Can you afford any unexpected visits to the vet?  Will you ensure that your pet will live out its life well cared for and happy.  Educate yourself on pet responsibility and look at different breeds to sum up the the kind of pet that best suits your living conditions and lifestyle. Be honest with yourself because you are responsible for a life when you decide to adopt.

2. Because you feel sorry for the puppy in the pet shop. Puppies bought here from pet shops come primarily from unknown breeding backgrounds and almost always do not have breeding papers that give assurance that they are free of genetic disorders.  They often become sick, and can have abnormal character traits that you won't notice until they are a lot older.  Indiscriminate breeding is a big problem here, and unlicensed breeders just breed their animals without care, for personal profit, and definitely NOT to better the breed.   Most breeders here have no qualifications, nor do they understand the importance of proper nutrition when a female is pregnant; or genetic traits that will be passed on from sire and dam to any offspring born. 

3. Because you need a guard dog.  You are better off getting an alarm system.  Guard dogs require extensive training, proper socialization and a great deal of exercise. Although some family dogs have a natural instinct to guard and will do so, with no ill affect to a family, real guard dogs are often not appropriate family dogs.

4. Because you want to surprise someone with a gift.  All pets should be considered as family members and not as objects or gifts. Never, ever buy a pet for someone as a surprise. Giving someone a pet as a surprise when that person is not prepared to take care of a pet, will just end in despair... for the pet.  


Pets given as gifts are more likely to end up being re-homed or worse euthanised.

1. When you have a stable home environment and want a companion to share your life with.   Pets make great companions, and getting a pet can bring so much joy in the house.  The love a pet can give you is immense; but adopting a pet also means making a long-term commitment to the animal, even if your own family goes through changes like having to move.

2. After discussing with all the members of the family , and when everyone in your home wants to adopt a pet. Discuss the responsibilities of pet ownership, and the daily tasks involved. Even though parents should always be the main caretakers, children should also learn how to behave around, and care for the pet in their home. It is a great lesson for children to learn how to be good to animals.  A lesson they will value for the rest of their lives.

3. When you consider a pet as a member of the family, and NOT just an accessory.   Truly loving an animal means taking care of its emotional needs, not just feeding and petting it once a day. 

4. Animals are not Accessories!  Pets form a very strong bond with their owners that should not be taken lightly.  Many pets in fact show such deep feelings for their owners that they have been known to die of sadness when their owner passes away. Animals are not disposable, and should be treated as if they are members of the family and not as an accessory that once out of style can be exchanged or returned.

Source: expatwoman

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