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The "Wild" Night Life of Qatar

While Qatar's unforgiving landscape of gravel, rocks, and towering sand dunes give it the appearance of an infertile wasteland, something has survived. Deep below, protected from the blazing sun, lives a world that only emerges after dark. This diverse land of nocturnal brutes is what makes Qatar anything but boring. The following list highlights five of the more interesting creatures that inhabit the Qatari desert:

Horned Viper aka Sidewinder

Imageresult for Horned Viper aka Sidewinder

This snake is the serpent to look out for whilst in Qatar. Emerging at night to feed on small mammals and lizards, the horned viper can be aggressive when threatened or startled. Its bite is not poisonous, but can be very painful and its venom can prevent a wound from clotting normally. The snake is easily recognizable by the way it moves about sideways in an S pattern. Luckily it is rare to see this type of snake.


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Source: hziegler

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