Weekend Getaways Less Than 5 HoursAway From Qatar

Are you exhausted from the rut of the city, and just want to make an escape this weekend, but can’t go too far from Doha? Here are 5 places you can make a quick visit to and come back rejuvenated.

1.    Colombo, Sri Lanka- 4 hours 55 minutes away

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Not only is Colombo a beautiful place, but it is also easy on the pocket with loads of things to do. Whether you’re looking for a jungle paradise or an easy going beach, this is the place to be at.If you wish to explore the country, you can rent a car and go crazy exploring.


2.    Male, Maldives- 4h hours and 40 minutes away

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A beach beauty that is famous for its crystal blue waters, the Maldives is heavenly and exotic all in one. With places like Newport, the Old Friday Mosque, the exotic palaces, and, the National Art Gallery; Male has a lot in store for you.

3.    Baku, Azerbaijan- 1 hour and45 minutes away

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The land of heritage sites, around 7,000 to put a number on it, you will feel like an explorer on an adventure in Baku. Scattered with ancient caves and national parks there’s something at every nook. Also famous for epic music festivals, you are in for an action packed trip.

4.    Goa, India- 3hours and 40 minutes away

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Sensational silver sand beaches, shack lounges, water activities, diving, and a vibrant wildlife; make Goa an ultimate weekend getaway.

5.    Amman, Jordan- 2hours and 45 minutes away

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Don’t you want to take a quick dip, or maybe even swim in the Dead Sea? Head to Amman this weekend itself, thrill is less than 3 hours away. A three-hour bus ride away, Petra is an ancient city surrounded by mountains, and surely a must visit. Carved into the sandstone this city is certainly awe-inspiring. You should also check out Wadi Mujib, theGrand Canyon of the Middle East;the nature reserve Dana; themagnificentcastles; and vast wetlands.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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