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List of spa in Saudi Arabia

List of spa in Saudi Arabia

Going to the Spa, can be one of the most relaxing times in your life. Being pampered like a celebrity can make you forget about all your troubles. However this blissful entertainment and relaxation opportunity can also turn into a nightmare if you go to an unprofessional or an ill-trained Spa. In order for our readers in Riyadh to avoid the dreaded experience of an unprofessional Spa, we have compiled the list of top Spas in Riyadh. Hope you enjoy.

The Resense Spa:

The Resense Spa is located in the BurjRafal Hotel Kempinski. The Spa has been inspired by European designs and they have carefully planned and designed each and every corner of the spa so that the utmost relaxation can be achieved for those who visit the Spa. Each and every element, ranging from the classic service to the luxurious pampering experience, is topped off with surprises. The Spa not only aims to provide a service to its clientele, but wants to create an experience to be remembered forever. The Spa is open every day from 7am to 10 pm.

The Ritz Carlton:

Even though the Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh is a men’s only facility, it is still ranked as one of the top spas in all of Riyadh. The Spa at the Ritz Carlton allows gentlemen to find a relaxing environment and a break from their daily stressful routines. Visitors to the spa can be those who want to ease sports related pains or aches or just those who want a quiet day. The Spa offers a high quality staff and professionals which assist you in choosing the package which will help you receive optimum results.

The Maison Joelle:

The Maison Joelle is next on our list of top spas in Riyadh. The Salon has been divided into two separate sections, one section consists of a makeup and treatment room which hosts manicure and pedicure clients, there is also a VIP are which is meant to cater to private parties or groups. The spa offers a very pleasant experience and all those who have tried the salon at least once often recommend it to others and visit again. The prices are extremely reasonable and the service is extremely friendly.

The Luthan Hotel and Spa:

Finally, last but not least we have the Luthan Hotel and Spa. This women’s only private resort is one of its kind in all of Saudi Arabia. The women’s only resort has been aptly nicknamed the Sanctuary as it is truly an urban sanctuary amidst the high rise towers of the urban city. The Luthan hotel Sanctuary offers the women a place to be completely free, relax and take a break from their daily routines. This hotel is also the first choice for all female travelers as residence for either business or pleasure purposes. The Sanctuary offers up to 25 different treatment rooms for clients and also a Coffee Shop, terrace restaurant, and also meeting and Banquet facilities. Highly recommend the readers to try these out and let us know about your experience.

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