A Patient died after being given expired medicine in a Hospital in Jeddah

Check and Balance on Hospitals: The health department is one of the most important sectors for the development of any country. In order to keep this department in stable and organized condition, it is compulsory to have a check & balance with all the concerned public and private hospitals working in the country.


Monitoring of public and private hospitals is the most important step for the safety and betterment of this department. A better functioning health department also needs to provide sound and safe aid to its people. Otherwise, this becomes a source of death to someone’s precious life.

Patient’s wife sued the hospital for negligence: A report is published in Saudi daily newspaper called Okaz about one of the private hospitals located in Jeddah, which is sued by the patient's wife. The patient's wife is a doctor by profession and works in a public hospital situated in Jeddah.

The claim she charged against the hospital is an improper and ill-treatment of her husband which resulted in his unexpected death. The official spokesperson of Jeddah Health Affairs and also the MOH Public Relations and Information’s Director, Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, told about this incident in which the patient’s wife sued the private hospital for this negligence.

What was the Issue? The claim reported by the doctor was that her husband was given the saline solution which was already expired. A week ago, when her husband underwent surgery, that expired saline solution was then given by the hospital to him.

Al-Ghamdi stated the case that the Jeddah Health Affairs Directorate is collecting facts and figures and looking into the case. If the case filed is proven, all the responsible ones will be charged with serious penalties and punished.

The wife stated that she registered complaint number 3775 with the Health Affairs Directorate. The hospital is responsible for giving an expired saline solution three times to her husband.

How did he die? The patient’s heart rate reached up to 170 and eventually, the beating stopped. She also included that she still has the saline bag with her as a proof. When the patient went into the surgery his blood pressure was low.

The brother of the patient also reported that his brother had a road accident and was taken to the hospital called Al-Thaghr Hospital located in the south of Jeddah.

Hospital Fee: His brother was admitted there for less than two hours before he was shifted to a private hospital which is in North of Jeddah. The hospital demanded a pretty good amount of SR 50,000, although the patient was already covered by insurance.

He also stated that his brother got a fracture in his thigh and its treatment, he underwent a surgery. After surgery, his condition was stable for about 20 days. He needed a blood transfusion after the surgery and his condition became critical because of the hospital staff who gave him an expired saline solution.

His brother died at the hospital due to the hospital’s careless mode of treatment. They could not just leave this case as it is and thus sued the hospital.

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