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6 fun activities in Riyadh you must check out

Away with all the misconceptions concerning Riyadh being a city where malls and restaurants are the most fun activities to partake in...


Look closer, dig deeper, and open your mind to bigger opportunities and chances of low-key adventures on the weekend. 

Take a look at these six ageless activities that will bring residents and tourists some well-deserved entertainment:

1. Cave diving

cavediving, desert diving, KSA, Riyadh

Taking the road to Al Kharj in the direction of a small village called Heet, you will come across a hidden gem called the Ain Heet Cave. 

With the gorgeous, yet concealed lake deep inside it, those trained in scuba/cave diving can freely explore the depth of this cavity. 

As for everyone else, take a dip in the cool water to forget about the burning heat waiting for you outside.

2. Wadi Hanifa


West of Al Diriyah, in the Nejd region of Riyadh, lies a valley in the shape of a desert oasis running a length of almost 120 kilometers. 

Wadi Hanifa, a wonderful place for family barbecues and picnics, has recently been developed into an environmental, recreational space. 

With water and greenery all around, the area enjoys a much-needed chilly air not found in the rest of Riyadh.

3. King Abdullah Park

Imageresult for King Abdullah Park

Sometimes a breath of fresh air and a walk in nature are all you crave, especially when the city’s fast pace gets the best of you.

King Abdullah Park, situated in the northeast region of Riyadh in the Al Malaz area, could be this haven you escape to. 

It is known for its colorful fountain shows, children area, and 318,000 square meters of greenery.

With an entrance of $2.67 for adults and $1.33 for kids, this park also has shaabi vendors selling necessities you may forget you could need for this trip. 

4. Quad Biking

quadbiking, Riyadh, KSA, Saudi Arabia

One of the most common and popular activities in Riyadh would have to be renting a Quad Bike out in the desert. 

With a good number of quad rental places along the desert road, try to go further away from the city limits where prices vary between $26.67 and $80.

The further you go, the cheaper the rental is...

5. Al Masmak Fortress

Imageresult for Al Masmak Fortress

Al Masmak Fortress is one of the most significant historical landmarks in Riyadh. Built around 1865, it represents the start and establishment of a unified Kingdom.

Some of the noteworthy parts to see are the palace gate, Diwan (the king’s sitting room,) Masjid, water well, and towers.

6. The National Museum

Imageresult for The National Museum

Located right in the middle of King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, the National Museum holds a considerable amount of Riyadh’s history, archaeological artifacts, antiques, and so much more.

This information-filled experience will cost you $2.67, or absolutely nothing if you're a student or a child. 


Source: stepfeed

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