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Mysterious ‘GOD'S GRAFFITI’ phenomenon baffles shocked witnesses

Photos of the colourful haze took social media by storm after they were posted on Twitter.


The strange phenomenon was seen in Kyushu, the most southwesterly of Japan’s mainland islands, sparking some to brand the clouds “God’s graffiti” and “unbelievable”.

It is believed to have been caused by the Epsilon-3 Rocket launch, which took place at the island’s Uchinoura Space Centre.

Thestrange phenomenon was spotted above Japan

GOD'S GRAFFITI: The strange phenomenon was spotted above Japan

Is this CONCLUSIVE proof that aliens visited ancient Egypt?

Many ufologists have been hoarding 'evidence' of alien interference in human affairs. Many of this centres on the time of the pharoahs and ancient Egypt. Could the pyramids have been built by extraterrestrial beings?

Thiscoin was discovered in Egypt – could that be an alien being?

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Source: dailystar

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