Top 5 Parks in Oman

Oman is a Middle Eastern nation which is located on the Southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Known for its flourishing economy, culturally diverse population and many cultural and modern attractions, Oman is a popular regional tourist destination. Oman is also home to many beautifully maintain parks and garden, and the following is a list of the best of these parks.

1 Al-Riyam Park

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Located overlooking the sea, Al-Riyam Park is one of the wonderful parks of Oman which combines natural beauty with breathtaking landscaping design. The park spreads over a mammoth 10,000 sq. meters and combines greenery with modern architecture to give its visitors a relaxing with sophisticated experience which is such to be memorable. With lush greenery, designated children's play areas and beautiful lawns and pathways, Al-Riyam Park also offers a glorious view of the harbor and the horizon.


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