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ALERT: Officials Call ‘Karen’ Most Damaging Typhoon to Hit Philippines!

Typhoon Karen, which is internationally known as Typhoon Sarika, is moving with maximum winds of 180 kilometers (112 miles) per hour. The typhoon already damaged power and telephone lines in Eastern Catanduanes, officials reported.

Government weather forecaster Benison Estareja said that Typhoon Karen is not the strongest typhoon to hit the country but it could damage the most as it will cross areas with heavy population, pertaining to the North of Manila.

"We can see from the radar that the storm is very destructive. It can destroy wooden houses, it can topple trees. It can possibly rip off roofs," he told AFP.

"This could so far, be the most damaging typhoon this year," he added.

Estareja discussed that the typhoon is expected to hit Aurora province before dawn Sunday. Moreover, before heading out to the sea on Sunday evening, Typhoon Karen is also expected to damage central Luzon. Estareja said that since many people are living in this part of Luzon, the typhoon could leave immeasurable destruction marks.

“This one will have an impact because most of the people are in (that part of) Luzon. Even Metropolitan Manila will be affected” Estareja said in a warning.

Estereja warned that these areas will experience strong winds and heavy rains. Coastal areas will be at risk of storm surges of up to two meters. Low-lying areas will experience severe flooding and areas in the mountains will experience landslides.

Civil defense spokeswoman Rachel Miranda reported that the eastern part of Bicol was not hit by the storm but experienced heavy rain fall on Saturday. 246,000 residents of Catanduanes island already lost their electrical and telephone lines due to the storm. In addition, 400 people already evacuated from their homes and travels by sea and by air are all suspended for safety reasons.


Recent reports said 8 areas are already under Tropical Cyclone Warning (TCW) Signal Number 3 as the typhoon is still approaching and not yet made its landfall in Luzon. 

Areas under TCW Signal Number 3 were:

• Camarines Norte

• northern Quezon including Polilio Island

• Nueva Ecija

• Nueva Vizcaya

• Tarlac

• Pangasinan

• Aurora

• northern Zambales

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