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Girl, 10, captured by Isis is ‘pregnant after being raped by 100 men’

A Yazidi girl fell pregnant at just 10 after being captured by Islamic State fighters, her aunt has claimed.

Marwa Khedr is now said to be missing after she was captured by the terrorist group in 2014 as part of their mass genocide of the Yadizi people, a minority group being persecuted by Isis.

She was abducted when the group swept into her village in the Sinjar region of Iraq and barbarically assaulted her family and neighbours.

Men were buried alive, while women and girls were taken to another area in the north of the country, where they’d be split by age All those under the age of 20 were then taken away by senior Isis fighters to be brutally abused as sex slaves.

Ziad Avdal, a former teacher who runs safe houses for Yazidis escaping Isis, spoke about the terrible fate of ten-year-old Marwa, saying: ‘There are a lot of girls like her. ‘It is not just terrible that she is pregnant – these young girls may have been raped by 100 men before they become pregnant,’ she told the Mail On Sunday.


Marwa’s aunt, named only as Mahdya and who has just managed to flee the last Isis holdout of Baghuz, said the last time she saw her niece was in a market close to Hadan, where she lived. The girl was then taken to the caliphate’s ‘capital’ of Raqqa.

Despite her tender age, the little girl seen months later by a friend to be pregnant, her aunt said. Mahdya and her daughters, aged 8 and 9, are among the 6,500 Yazidis who were captured by Isis because of their repulsion for their faith.

Mahdya give a horrifying account of the times she had been forced into slavery, married off and threatened with seeing her daughters raped by elders if she didn’t obey. She also reported seeing children brutally beaten with cables by jihadi brides, and being reduced to eating sticks and animal waste.

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